Stories by Ira Winkler

What every CSO should be doing now about the Starbucks potential hack

The potential hack of the Starbucks' app is now a major news story. Whether or not the stories are correct, that criminals have used the automatic reload feature of the Starbucks' app to steal money from a consumer's account, it is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of your security efforts, as well to demonstrate that you provide value to the employee base.

Ira Winkler | 19 May | Read more

How to get a job in computer security

I am asked probably twice a week to help somebody get a job in the <a href="">security</a> profession. Unfortunately, I can't help that many people individually, but perhaps this article will allow me to help many people all at once.

Ira Winkler | 09 Sep | Read more

The Black Hat evolution

When the Black Hat conference moved to the Mandalay Bay hotel, I was curious as to what would be different. Over the years, Black Hat has evolved into something very different than how it started. Whether it has been a good or bad evolution depends on your perspective.

Ira Winkler | 27 Aug | Read more

How to create awareness of the insider threat

One of the legacies of Edward Snowden's treason is that companies are now concerned about the insider threat more than they ever were before. He demonstrates that a single person inside an organization can devastate the organization. While technology should have caught Snowden, there is also the realization that his coworkers and managers should have noticed indications of unusual activities.

Ira Winkler | 15 Apr | Read more