Stories by Mark Jones

Marcus Ranum, my new “cyber” hero

One of the keynote speakers at the AISA National Conference this year was Mr Marcus Ranum. I, like many, respected Marcus mainly because of his technical achievements in our industry, if you don’t know who he is; I hope the rock you are living under is nice.

Mark Jones | 15 Nov | Read more

Awareness, awareness, awareness ... “stop eating dirt with dog sprinkles on it”

In the world of Info Sec we sometimes ask ourselves ‘why do people do such dumb things?’ well let me tell you, if they don’t know what is right, they don’t know it is wrong. For example, when I was about four my Dad had to smack dirt out of my hands before I ate it and say ‘don’t eat that, yuk! Look at what that dog is doing on it over there” that was a good lesson for me.

Mark Jones | 13 Oct | Read more