Stories by Sheila Lam

Information security as a business enabler

Information security technology is no longer a tool to protect business, but it has become part of the business strategy. Customer data privacy policy and two-factor authentication online banking services are just some of the security strategies to protect customers and enable businesses of today.

Sheila Lam | 15 Jul | Read more

Big data to tame the wolves of Wall Street

Stories like Jordan Belfort exist beyond the 80s. With the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements to tame the latest wolves of Wall Street, more financial institutes are turning towards proactive monitoring tools to avoid fraud. As big data is becoming a helpful tool to detect and alert potential fraud, the technology is also raising concern over its impact on personal data privacy.

Sheila Lam | 12 Mar | Read more

Now and then: a Hong Kong tech guru's view

Computerworld Hong Kong celebrates its 30th year in 2014. To review the growth and achievement of the local IT industry in the past three decades, CWHK presents the "Hong Kong IT Heroes" series. In the first story of this series, CWHK talked with local IT veteran Stephen Lau.

Sheila Lam | 18 Feb | Read more