Stories by Chris Dawson

What is a Hack?

Much to the chagrin of actual hackers, the term “hacking” has been co-opted in countless ways that bear little resemblance to actually breaking into computer systems. An intrepid homeowner might be a DIY hacker. Makers rarely object to the hacker moniker. Savvy homeschooling parents are hacking their children’s education and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are hacking their brains with supplements and stimulants.

Chris Dawson | 11 Aug | Read more

Ashley Madison Lesson #1: The Internet is Neither Secure Nor Private

Internet cheating site, Ashley Madison, is making headlines this week across both mainstream and tech media for the data breach that could expose very intimate personal information for 37 million users. As with the AdultFriendFinder hack we reported on back in May, the potential damage to clients is significant. After all, Ashley Madison's slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair."

Chris Dawson | 10 Aug | Read more