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How to password-protect your Mac--and keep other people from using it

Since you use your Mac on a regular basis, it has most likely become a treasure box full of your personal information that you might wish to keep as private as possible. This may especially ring true for your portable MacBook that you bring around different people and use in various locations, but is also applicable to your desktops Mac that others may use when you're not around.

Topher Kessler | 18 Apr | Read more

How to better manage passwords with Keychain Access

If you've ever encountered a dialog box that, upon asking for a password, offers to store it, you've had a brush with OS X's keychain. And perhaps you think that's all it's good for--storing your web, email, and network passwords. While it can do all that, the keychain and its partner, Keychain Access, offer additional password-related options you should be aware of. Here's how to put these options to best use.

Topher Kessler | 24 Dec | Read more

The four Mac security options everyone should know

As our lives increasingly go digital, security is a major concern not only for the various online services we use, but also for the devices on which we save our data. Chances are that if you're reading this article, you own a Mac. And on your Mac, you'd like much of the work you do on it to be kept private.

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