Stories by Grant Hatchimonji

Why security benefits boost mid-market adoption of virtualization

While virtualization has undoubtedly already found its footing in larger businesses and data centers, the technology is still in the process of catching on in the middle market. But a recent study conducted by a group of Cisco Partner Firms, titled "Virtualization on the Rise," indicates just that: the prevalence of virtualization is continuing to expand and has so far proven to be a success for many small- and medium-sized businesses.

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Using local security to lock down your mobile device

Being able to lock your mobile device is important because, in many cases, it's your first line of defense. It may not be the strongest form of security -- in fact, it's arguably the weakest -- but it could prove to be the difference in protecting your organization by keeping the device locked down until mobile device management measures like remote wiping are put into play.

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AppRiver filters catch 3.5 billion spam emails in August, US largest point of origin

AppRiver, an email and web security solutions provider, has released its Global Threatscape Report for the month of September, documenting the amount of spam traffic caught by the company's email filters in August of this year. While the report does provide information about specific malware threats -- like the fact that X.UPX.App.pakuberc was the most common malware threat in August based on frequency of appearance in email traffic -- it also offered valuable information about the fluctuation of spam frequency and its countries of origin.

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