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Viral story of Google searches prompting a raid from the authorities is not exactly true

Fresh off new Snowden-leaked revelations that the NSA has the ability to record and monitor all Internet activity, came this curious tale from writer Michele Catalano where she claimed that a chance combination of innocuous Internet searches prompted a visit from a "joint terrorism taskforce." You may have seen it tweeted about or shared on Facebook, or even seen Ms. Catalano's fuller re-telling in The Guardian. Turns out it wasn't exactly true.

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Yahoo tells security critics to chillax regarding its email recycling program

So much for trying to be nice. Yahoo's latest bid to lift itself from the tech also-ran swamp with an email recycling initiative has been criticized for potential security threats to dormant users. To try and calm down the pitchfork-wielding crowd, the company has released a statement describing various security measures that will be taken to insure past users' data and security--but they may not cover all the bases.

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Run, Snowden, run! A pro's advice for escaping the grid

Shortly before revealing his identity, confessed NSAwhistleblower Edward Snowden split town and headed for Hong Kong. While Snowden's current whereabouts within the semi-autonomous city-state aren't known, it's clear he isn't exactly trying to dissappear from the world--indeed, he's been granting media interviews.

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Why isn't Twitter part of the NSA PRISM snooping program?

Microsoft was the first to partner with the NSA in 2007, according to the once-secret PRISM PowerPoint deck. Other big-name tech companies followed, and even the obscure PalTalk joined the fray. But, quite conspicuously, Twitter never joined the government snooping program--there's no reference to the company in the NSA document.

Evan Dashevsky | 08 Jun | Read more