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How to protect your PC against devious security traps

Securing your PC against the malicious wilds of the Web isn't as simple as just keeping your antivirus software of choice up-to-date. In fact, the pervasiveness of security software has forced the bad guys to turn to increasingly clever tricks in their quest to "pwn" your PC.

Brad Chacos | 16 Sep | Read more

Here's how to best secure your data now that the NSA can crack almost any encryption

The latest Snowden-supplied bombshell shook the technology world to its core on Thursday: The NSA can crack many of the encryption technologies in place today, using a mixture of backdoors baked into software at the government's behest, a $250 million per year budget to encourage commercial software vendors to make its security "exploitable," and sheer computer-cracking technological prowess.

Brad Chacos | 06 Sep | Read more

Borked Google Authenticator update wipes iOS user data

The premise of the Google Authenticator app is pretty simple: Once you connect it to your online services, the app generates a random numeric code that you need to use along with your password when you're signing into your digital accounts. If the code isn't used in a short time frame, it self-destructs and becomes invalid. Boom! It's two-factor authentication at its finest.

Brad Chacos | 04 Sep | Read more

How I ditched the security risks and lived without Java, Reader, and Flash

Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, and Oracle's Java. All three are virtually ubiquitous on modern-day PCs, and all three provide handy-dandy functionality--functionality that, in the case of Flash and Java, can't be directly reproduced by a third-party solution. If we lived in a vacuum, it would be hard to argue that the trio doesn't deserve its spot on computers around the globe.

Brad Chacos | 08 Mar | Read more