Stories by Taylor Armerding

Blindsided by the IoT?

Most organizations believe they are familiar with the Internet of Things. But a deputy assistant director at the FBI told the audience at the Boston Fed’s annual cybersecurity conference that familiarity is not enough. He warned that not understanding both opportunities and risks can lead to being blindsided by attacks.

Taylor Armerding | 06 Apr | Read more

Chip-and-PIN adoption still slow

The deadline to switch from credit cards processed with a magnetic stripe to those with an embedded chip was last Oct. 1. Almost six months later, the percentage of retail outlets equipped for “chip-and-PIN” is somewhere between 17% and 37% – and many of them aren’t using it as intended. Advocates say these things take time – that adoption is slow but steady.

Taylor Armerding | 24 Mar | Read more

The IoT liability jumble

The endless complexity of the Internet of Things extends to legislative and regulatory efforts to manage its security. A legal panel at the RSA conference said effective standards and management of legal liability issues are likely years away.

Taylor Armerding | 03 Mar | Read more

Ransomware rising

The explosive growth of the Internet of Things is going to be matched by the growth of ransomware, experts predict. An attack surface of up to 200 billion devices is irresistible to cyber crooks.

Taylor Armerding | 25 Feb | Read more