Stories by Malcolm Wheatley

Investigations: Merge ahead

Not long ago, the legal department at a financial services company in New York got a phone call from a hospital in London. The query: Why are you hacking us? With two known IP addresses, it wasn't difficult for the financial firm's information security staff to go back through the logs looking for traffic between the two organizations. And with the traffic identified, locating the computer from which the hacks were taking place didn't take long, either. The culprit: an individual who-as their human resources records soon confirmed-had formerly worked at that very hospital.

Malcolm Wheatley | 11 Sep | Read more

Operation Clean Data

Cleaning dirty data is not just a matter of mastering the technical challenges. It requires making sure your staff is working closely with the business every step of the way

Malcolm Wheatley | 10 Sep | Read more

Cover Your ASP

Using an application service provider means your computer application is running on someone else’s server. Is the provider’s security up to snuff? Better know which questions to ask.

Malcolm Wheatley | 02 Apr | Read more

Firing Line

A poorly handled employee termination can create a slew of security risks. That's why CIOs and CSOs need a process for letting workers go.

Malcolm Wheatley | 08 Oct | Read more