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Lockdown: How to secure your PC without going crazy

Good digital security inevitably requires some hassle, but the size of that headache is really up to you. If you're someone who wants to go all out with 64-character passwords, no Facebook account, and a second laptop that never connects to the Internet, because it houses all your deep, dark secrets, well, this guide is not for you.

Ian Paul | 04 Oct | Read more

John McAfee takes on the NSA with secure anonymity device

After eluding the police in Belize and being arrested in neighboring Guatemala in late 2012, McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee is ready for his next adventure. This time around, McAfee is taking on a far more difficult adversary than Central American law enforcement: the U.S. National Security Agency.

Ian Paul | 30 Sep | Read more

How to use the new Android remote lock option

Earlier in September, an update to the Google Settings app for Android tipped off that a remote device lock and password reset feature was on its way to the Android Device Manager. This week, the service finally went live for most users through the ADM Website.

Ian Paul | 25 Sep | Read more

Mobile phones, meet uncrackable quantum cryptography

There may soon come a time when nearly uncrackable secret information can be beamed straight to your smartphone. No, we're not talking about handsets loaded with GPG keys or two-factor authentication apps, but the waaaaaay far out ideas behind quantum cryptography, the incredibly secure communication technology capable of locking down messages far more tightly than Lavabit ever could.

Ian Paul | 29 Aug | Read more

Hands-on: Twitter's new two-factor authentication sounds cool, but we can't get it to work

On Wednesday, Twitter unveiled a new two-factor authentication method for Android and iOS that allows you to authorize login requests to your Twitter account with just one tap, banishing the usual method of manually inputting security codes generated via an app or sent via text method. Just open up the Twitter app on your smartphone or tablet, authorize the login with one finger press, and you're done.

Ian Paul | 07 Aug | Read more

Canonical takes Ubuntu forums offline in wake of password breach

Canonical, makers of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, recently announced that its Ubuntu help forums suffered a security breach over the weekend. Attackers were able to harvest an estimated 1.82 million user names, email addresses, and passwords from the site. Canonical says it isn't sure how hackers were able to breach its systems and the company has taken the forums at offline as a precaution.

Ian Paul | 22 Jul | Read more

Sony releases a complicated fix for PlayStation 3 consoles borked by recent update

Nope, Sony's bad PlayStation 3 update from last Tuesday that bricked some consoles wasn't a secret ploy to encourage more PS4 pre-orders--although for anyone affected it may have felt like it at the time. As promised, the company released an update to fix borked PS3 consoles on Thursday. The fix for firmware version 4.45 is showing up more than a week after the first signs of trouble appeared.

Ian Paul | 28 Jun | Read more