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Samsung exec teases iris recognition for the Galaxy S5

Not to be outdone by Apple's use of fingerprint scanning technology in the iPhone 5S, Samsung is mulling the possibility of including iris recognition technology in the next Galaxy S smartphone. That's one of the hints Samsung Exec Lee Young Hee dropped on Bloomberg in a recent interview at CES 2014.

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Steam gaming portal left for dead after purported DDoS attack

Steam, Valve's PC gaming haven, was unavailable to users Friday morning after the site fell victim to a reported distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Two Twitter users claimed responsibility for Steam's service outages, saying they used a botnet to overwhelm Steam's servers with traffic.

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NSA caught with its hand in Google's (browser) cookie jar

Ads that hound you from site to site don't seem quite so heinous in the wake of Tuesday's browser cookie-based revelation. The National Security Agency is reportedly using a particular kind of tracking cookie from Google to identify and track potential hacking targets. The NSA is also grabbing location data from third-party advertisers delivering ads to mobile apps, according to The Washington Post.

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How to enable Yahoo Mail's (soon to be default) SSL encryption today

The revamped Yahoo Mail sure is pretty, but from a security perspective the popular service has a pretty ugly security flaw: It doesn't encrypt your email sessions. But that will soon change. (Finally!) Yahoo plans to roll out default SSL connections to all email accounts beginning January 8, 2014, the company announced Monday.

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Security to go: Three tips to keep your mobile data safe

Keeping your mobile gear secure while you're zipping across the grid is tricky business. Laptops and tablets--veritable gold mines of personal information--are popular targets for thieves. Law enforcement officials, meanwhile, could confiscate your smartphone and then examine the data--merely as a result of a routine traffic stop.

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3 essential techniques to protect your online privacy

The Web is a wild place, with more than the NSA potentially out to get you. With the so-called six strikes antipiracy initiative in full effect, you never know if Hollywood is monitoring your peer-to-peer activity. Then there are the malicious hackers trying to reset email, Facebook, and Twitter passwords.

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