Stories by Matt Rodgers

Tips for better mobile security

In the last 18-months, the mobile computing landscape has changed completely. People are bringing their own computers to the office and carrying smartphones and tablet devices that are as powerful as desktop computers were only a short while ago. Here’s how to make sure these devices don’t compromise your organisation.

Matt Rodgers | 26 Sep | Read more

Jeanswest: Protecting the brand

Protecting a well-established brand in the face of compromised systems is something Brad Clarence, the systems and support administrator at iconic fashion retailer, Jeanswest, knows a fair bit about. Despite his somewhat misleading title, Clarence is responsible for Jeanswest’s entire network and systems infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand.

Matt Rodgers | 23 Sep | Read more

Security breach

No company wants to be associated with a data breach, but if your systems are compromised the fallout can sometimes be more damaging than the act itself.

Matt Rodgers | 22 Sep | Read more

Port Macquarie Airport Sets Its Sights on Video Surveillance

Think you've got problems with physical security? Spare a thought for Lane Dechaineux, Airport Manager at Port Macquarie Airport, whose security responsibilities include all the usual requirements of an airport, with a few new ones unique to the facility's rural location, like keeping kangaroos, livestock and other animals off the runway.

Matt Rodgers | 06 Jul | Read more

The Big Trade-Off

“Security” means different things to different organisations; for proof you need look no further than the disparate collection of security chiefs featured in this issue.

Matt Rodgers | 02 Apr | Read more

Porn Again

Welcome to the latest security threat to face modern enterprises: a new breed of cyber interloper who gains control of vulnerable corporate systems and uses them to host porn and other illicit material.

Matt Rodgers | 27 Mar | Read more