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What's real and what's not in web security

This is the third in a series of interviews with C-level executives responsible for cyber security and privacy in business and government, who also happen to be thought leaders. (Remember, as I mentioned previously, "C-level executive" and "thought leader" are not synonyms.)

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Avoid Your Business Being Collateral Damage in a Cyber War

All around the world, governments declare they are gearing up for cyber war. I know, I know, to anyone who has been at this for any significant length of time, many of the news stories we are reading today could have, or should have, been written a decade ago, or more. The term "Cyber war" seems to be on everyone's lips again. (Cue the theme music for "Groundhog Day" - again!) In one way, it is hard to take it seriously anymore; in another way, it is incredible that so many governments sound like they are just getting started, again. Nevertheless, even though the chest-beating seems to be a redux, and much of the blustering rhetoric seems to be recycled, the reality on the virtual ground in cyber space is that the capabilities (the offensive ones, at least) have evolved over the last decade, and so have the opportunities. Furthermore, the appetite to use them seems to have grown apace.

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Corporate security and the climate crisis

US military strategists, CIA analysts, international agency officials and Nobel Prize winning economists concur with the consensus of the world's scientific community: the Climate Crisis is a planetary security issue, as well as a national security issue for each of the one hundred ninety two countries that belong to the United Nations. But the Climate Crisis is also, by extension, a corporate security issue, as well as, yes, a cyber security issue.

Richard Power | 03 Oct | Read more