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E-commerce Fraud: The Latest Criminal Schemes

E-commerce fraud costs retailers approximately $4 billion each year, according to the most recent results of an annual survey conducted by Cybersource, a provider of electronic payment and risk management services. Sebbe Jones, manager of fraud and disputes at 2Checkout, is in the business of keeping e-commerce fraud at bay.

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5 Facebook, Twitter scams to avoid

<em>According to research recently conducted by security firm Webroot, approximately three in ten social network users have experienced some form of a security attack, such as a virus infection or a phishing scam, on a social network in the last year. As the popularity of these social networks explodes, and more organizations ease restrictions among employees (See: ), they become more attractive for criminals seeking access to private information that can be used for profit. CSO asked two social network security experts for some of the latest scams found on Facebook and Twitter, and how to recognize and avoid them (For more tips to stay safe see: Seven Deadly Sins of Social Networking).</em> <a href=""/>

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Seven Deadly Sins of home office security

According to the human resources association World at Work, 17.2 million Americans worked from home or remotely at least one day per month for their employer last year (See also: <a href="%20">4 Telecommuting Security Mistakes</a>). And the 2007 book 'Microtrends' estimates that 4.2 million Americans work full-time from home.

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Brand Protection: The Expanding CSO Portfolio

Pizza isn't typically a topic of conversation in company meetings at Caterpillar, the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines. But a recent unfortunate incident involving Domino's Pizza had a special team tasked with protecting Caterpillar's brand integrity taking notes and buzzing about how quickly a simple video can suddenly drag a massive corporate name through the mud.

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Social Engineering: The Fine Art of BS, Face to Face

Chris Nickerson is willing to push it about as far as a person can go when it comes to security assessments. The founder of Lares, a security consultancy in Colorado, Nickerson conducts what he calls "Red Team Assessments" for clients. He is paid to try and dupe a client, and the client's employees, to give them a clear picture of the weak spots in their security plan. He then advises them on how to shore up defenses more effectively in the event a real criminal comes knocking.

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Social Engineering: 5 Security Holes at the Office

If you think the biggest threat to your sensitive information lies in network security, think again. Once a criminal is inside a building, there are limitless possibilities to what that person can access or damage. Take a look at your building's security. How easy is it to get inside?

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Evolution of the CSO

It's been almost 15 years since David Kent first came to Genzyme, a biotech firm headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., that develops medical treatments for ailments such as certain genetic diseases and some forms of cancer. In 1994, the company had less than $200 million in sales, and only about 1,000 employees-a stark contrast to its worldwide workforce of 11,000 today and the $4.6 billion in revenue it reported in 2008.

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3 Tales of Systems Architecture Dilemmas

<em>There is an old saying that "a problem shared is a problem halved." In security, shared information can be elusive as risk professionals keep their cards close to their chest. But today's challenging business environment puts a premium on finding practical solutions to the tasks every CSO faces.</em>

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