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Reasons trustworthy sites can no longer be trusted

Last year, malware became increasingly more common on popular and trusted domains, according to research released this week by security firm Blue Coat Systems. Migration to popular hacked sites with trusted reputations and acceptable-use category ratings was the primary theme for hosting malware delivery infrastructure, researchers claim.

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Workarounds: 5 ways employees try to access restricted sites

There may have been a time when blocking certain sites was acceptable in most office environments. But what was once considered off-limits is now essential in many organizations. Social media sites like Facebook are a major part of many companies' marketing strategy. Sites like YouTube present opportunities to share information about products or services visually. And IM and chat services like G-chat are free and efficient ways for employees to communicate.

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Keeping your company image safe on social media

The umbrella of security responsibilities now includes brand protection at many companies and it seems like a constantly moving target. When the internet took off, organizations had to contend with scammers registering web site domains using company names for fraudulent purposes. Now similar activity is happening on the hottest forum for brand abuse social networks.

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Enterprise risk management: all systems go

When Bill Badertscher arrived at Georgetown University three years ago, campuswide security was handled in several departments with little coordination among teams. It was time for a change. Badertscher is Georgetown's senior engineer for facility and safety control systems and leader of a new IT team that focuses on the same areas. The goal is to address enterprise risk management (ERM) by redefining it to include nontraditional systems. Understanding that security is mission-critical has led the University Safety and Information Services departments to work together in unprecedented ways.

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Skype worm no cause for panic, says expert

Security research firm Bkis earlier this month warned of a vicious virus targeting both Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. BKIS said in a <a href="">blog post</a> the attack involved inserting malicious URLs into chat windows with sophisticated social engineering hooks.

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4 things Facebook doesn't tell you about privacy, security

Let us be perfectly clear: While Facebook has received a lot of criticism lately about its new privacy policies and Open Graph concept, which allows them to partner with other sites which will also have access to some Facebook user data, Facebook isn't explicitly keeping secrets from you. But some security professionals and users continually knock the site for what they say are less-than-clear explanations about where your data is going, and how secure the site really is.

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