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Facebook Pwn tool takes profile info, helps social engineers

A group of security researchers based in Egypt have created a tool that will make <a href="">social engineering</a> easier because it automates the collection of hidden <a href="">Facebook</a> profile data that is otherwise only accessible to friends in a user's network.

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Using remote access securely

A data-breach-investigations <a href="">report issued by Verizon</a> earlier this year found 71 percent of all <a href="">hacking attacks</a> on business take place using remote access or desktop service.

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Mobile device security: Questions to ask for creating policy

While 69 percent of organizations have employees <a href="">using personal devices to connect to their corporate network</a>, more than one-fifth, or 21 percent, currently have no policy in place to govern the use of personal mobile devices on their network. These new figures, released recently from security-products firm <a href="">Courion</a>, suggest many security leaders are still ignoring the need to address mobile-device management among their employees.

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Many employees would sell corporate information, finds study

A survey of more than 3,400 employees in the United States, Great Britain and Australia finds corporate loyalty be damned, your company's data <a href="">may be on its way out the door</a> when certain employees resign or get laid off.

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Social engineering: 3 mobile malware techniques

Social engineers have been using various <a href="">dirty tricks</a> to fool people for centuries. <a href="">Social engineering</a>, the art of <a href="">gaining access to buildings</a>, systems or data by exploiting <a href="">human psychology</a>, rather than by breaking in or using technical hacking techniques, is as old as crime itself and has been used in many ways for decades.

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Consumer device use grows, but IT and security can't keep up

IT and security managers are slowly embracing the growing number of <a href="">consumer devices</a>, such as iPhones and <a href="">iPads</a>, that are being used by workers within their organizations, but many enterprises are still overwhelmed by the need to mitigate risk and support the devices. That is the finding of new research released Tuesday by Unisys Corporation. The study was conducted for Unisys by International Data Corp.

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Control mobile access with device management policy

Like CIOs at many organizations, Kenneth Corriveau saw the writing on the wall. The employees in his company wanted to use their own devices for work and were going to keep asking, regardless of what policy might state about using personal technology to <a href="">connect to corporate networks</a>.

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Tumblr hit with huge phishing attack

Tumblr is dealing with an aggressive phishing campaign. Only recently launched, it aims to steal log-in credentials and employs many of the well-known <a href="">social engineering tactics</a> that scammers use on social media sites such as <a href="">Facebook and Twitter</a>.

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Travel security in the Middle East and North Africa

Many of us watch the events in the Middle East and North Africa unfold from afar. But for businesses with operations in these global regions of political unrest, protests, rebel uprising and deteriorating security often force difficult and immediate decisions for the sake of keeping <employees out of harm's way.

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Securing Google Apps: A CIO Q&A

Boston-based Bay Cove Human Services is a non-profit organization that offers assistance and service to 4,000 people and families in Massachusetts. CIO Hilary Croach has several technology challenges to contend with. For starters, the agency has its hands in a number of service areas, including helping individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction, and those who need support with aging. With about 140 locations around Eastern Massachusetts, Bay Cove's employees and IT operations are scattered.

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4 reasons why Facebook and vanity don't mix

My colleague, Bill Brenner, has a t-shirt he likes to wear that basically says social networking feeds the darker sides of human nature. The shirt is a parody of a Venn Diagram and shows the relationship between sites like Facebook and Twitter to what some might called undesirable character traits, such as ADHD, stalking and narcissism.

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