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The 12 Cons of Christmas

While the risk of being hacked, conned or having sensitive information stolen is possible all through the year, most security experts agree that the holiday season brings a spike in fraudulent activity, both online and off.

Joan Goodchild | 31 Oct | Read more

Using security metrics to measure human awareness

It's been said that security is hard to measure. Producing measurable results around a lack of problems or incidents is challenging. But the field of security metrics has evolved considerably in recent years, giving security managers more resources to make the case for investing in security programs and technologies.

Joan Goodchild | 16 Oct | Read more

State of the CSO 2012: Ready for anything

The saying goes that in every crisis, there is an opportunity. Compliance requirements, data and privacy demands, and the threat landscape are constantly evolving, forcing companies to realize the importance of security and invest accordingly. As security concerns expand, so does the role of the security leader.

Joan Goodchild | 01 Oct | Read more

Making the case for preventing workplace violence

According to U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics, the rate of nonfatal workplace violence declined by 35 percent from 2002-2009. But, despite the decline, a recent survey conducted for AlliedBarton Security Services found over half of Americans employed outside their homes (52 percent) have witnessed, heard about or have experienced a violent event or an event that can lead to violence at their workplace.

Joan Goodchild | 21 Mar | Read more

Surveillance technology for investigations and crowd control

As the second-largest metropolitan area in the United States, Los Angeles is home to four million residents and the mecca for most of the entertainment industry's high-profile events. The almost constant stream of celebrity-infused happenings that require serious crowd control keeps the Los Angeles Police Department very busy.

Joan Goodchild | 13 Mar | Read more