Stories by Rodney Gedda

OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt talks software security

With security the focus of this year's Australian Unix Users Group (AUUG) conference, OpenBSD founder and project lead Theo de Raadt was invited to speak on exploit mitigation techniques. In an exclusive interview with Computerworld's Rodney Gedda, the man behind an operating system that lays claim to only one remote exploit in the default install in seven years, reveals where we are headed - and how far we have to go - in the search for more secure software

Rodney Gedda | 10 Sep | Read more

AMP mitigates IIS SSL exploit

Continuing exploits and Internet Information Services Secure Sockets Layer vulnerabilities have not deterred one of Australia's largest financial institutions from using the Web server.

Rodney Gedda | 29 Apr | Read more

Sydney Uni secures WLAN

With an existing wireless networking infrastructure in place, Sydney University’s Clinical Trials Centre (a research unit of the National Health and Medical Research Council) has implemented a two-factor authentication system while upgrading to the 802.11a standard.

Rodney Gedda | 30 Jul | Read more