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Application security takes centre stage

If network intrusion vulnerabilities and operating system viruses aren't enough to keep IT managers on their toes, the next generation of security threats will target the millions of applications that are not secured, according to Cisco's chief security officer John Stewart.

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ASIO to appoint its first CIO, expand IT

The federal government's funding hike in response to a "complex security environment" will see the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) appoint its first CIO this year with applications closing at the end of the month.

Rodney Gedda | 17 Mar | Read more

Big brother appliance sniffs out fraud

Terms like firewall, IDS, and deep packet inspection may be indicative of today's network security landscape, but tomorrow's may also include 'big brother' style appliances that log all user activity in an attempt to counter internal threats.

Rodney Gedda | 28 Nov | Read more

Cisco's CSO talks IOS exploits, open source

A recent spate of vulnerabilities discovered in Cisco's pervasive Internetwork Operating System (IOS) and the availability of its source code have not detracted from the company's mission to keep end users informed of security issues, according to CSO John Stewart.

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Industrial supplier forges ahead with IT overhaul

Are your computers tough enough? It was a sultry Australia Day long weekend in Sydney. A power surge caused the air conditioning in a new computer room to fail. The inside air temperature rapidly headed towards 80°C. One by one the Wintel fleet began to fall as the new floor tiles warped under the heat. The squadron of switches then went down as an infernal heat strikes the data centre. Finally, the last line of defence - the uninterruptible power supplies - were damaged beyond repair. Amid the chaos there is only one survivor - the mighty iSeries which came out of the chaos unscathed.

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Defence adds more protection

With an existing mixture of mainframe and proprietary Unix systems, the Department of Defence has chosen the x86 and IA64 architectures over Sparc for its new $450,000 security management application.

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Monash debuts network security

Melbourne's Monash University has implemented a vulnerability scanning system to get a clearer picture of potential threats across its 25,000-node network used by more than 50,000 students and 5000 staff.

Rodney Gedda | 05 Oct | Read more