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Skype iPhone, iPod Touch app has security hole

Skype is working to fix a security hole in its iOS app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows a hacker to steal a person's entire address book. The vulnerability, located in the app's chat message window, can be exploited with JavaScript code. It was pointed out by security researcher Phil Purviance of AppSec.

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27,000 South Koreans Sue Over iPhone Privacy Violations

The flap over iPhone location tracking led to some grandstanding <a href="">in Congress</a> and a <a href="">few lawsuits</a> by users in the United States over privacy concerns, but now nearly 27,000 South Koreans are suing Apple for privacy violations.

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Lulzsec: A Short History of Hacking

Over the weekend, the hyperactive group of hackers who call themselves Lulzsec announced they are <a href="">breaking up the band</a>, while also claiming that their "50-day cruise" had been planned all along.

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Hacker civil war heats up

In the midst of all the high-profile hacks rolling out almost daily, a hacker civil war is also under way. It's become almost as hard to keep up with the number of attacks carried out against hackers as it is to track the plethora carried out by hackers. Multiple hackers have claimed responsibility for disabling the Lulzsec website this week, while other hacking groups have made it their mission to reveal the real-world identities of Lulzsec members.

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Anonymous plans attack on Orlando's website

Orlando, Florida's city Website could be the latest target of hackers at noon EST Thursday if Web chatter between hackers online turns out to be true. Plans of the alleged attack are being circulated on Anonymous-related IRC channels. Anonymous is a group of loosely affiliated hackers that work together to coordinate hack attacks.

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Sony's new woes: Phishing site found on server

Sony is once again dealing with an apparent security breach -- this time a phishing attack on its Thai website. Earlier this morning, security company F-Secure posted a screen shot of a phishing site targeting an Italian bank that appeared to be housed under the domain.

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