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New Microsoft campaign promotes privacy prowess

Microsoft has launched yet another privacy awareness campaign, but this time around, the company decided to focus more on its own privacy right-doings rather than Google's alleged wrongdoings. Declaring " your privacy is our priority," the campaign runs online, in print, and on TV, billing Microsoft as the "good guy" of online privacy and offering educational resources for those who want to better control what they share online.

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New Android Malware Uses Phones as Spam Botnet

Researchers at security firm Sophos say they have discovered malware for Android phones that is used as a spam botnet. Spam messages are being sent from Google Android phones and tablets, all of which have been propagated through Yahoo's mail service, promoting counterfeit Viagra and other pharmaceuticals.

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Android Malware Has Surged 472 Percent Since July

Android users take note: Researchers have found a whopping 472 percent increase in <a href="">Android malware</a> samples since this summer. The free-for-all Android Market has seen a striking increase in the volume of attacks since July, according to <a href="">research</a> from Juniper Networks, as attackers continue to become more sophisticated in the malware they write.

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Anonymous leaks nude images of BART spokesman

The hacking group Anonymous has waged a full-on war on BART, the San Francisco subway system, over cellular shutdowns to stifle protests. Following two demonstrations that led to temporary station closures, hacking and posting personal information of BART police officers, Anonymous has now posted naked photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson.

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Anonymous Picks up Slack as LulzSec Calls it Quits

Hacking season is not over yet. Even though LulzSec, the group of hackers who made a name for themselves by hacking Sony, Nintendo, and <a href="">PBS</a> among others, <a href="">called it quits</a> on Saturday, another group wants to pick up the slack.

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Amazon Cloud Player now works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Amazon's Cloud Player music streaming service launched only with Android compatibility, but an update rolled out this weekend quietly introduced basic support for Apple's iOS. If you have an Amazon Cloud Drive account (5GB free, plus a free 20GB upgrade if you purchase an album via Amazon MP3), you can now stream music on iOS devices too.

Daniel Ionescu | 09 May | Read more