The week in review: Cybersecurity breaches named the biggest risk to business… and healthcare… and sports… and…

Having caved for a second time, the government’s decision to once again push back its My Health Record (MyHR) opt-out deadline highlighted the ongoing concerns about the security and privacy of data stored in the system.

Also concerned about security was Unisys, which was working overtime to ensure its cybersecurity protections would keep the recent Sydney Invictus Games free of security compromises.

Such compromises can, after all, sneak in even when you think you’ve caught them all. That’s what happened to US financial-services firm AFG after it tried a new security tool on its network and watched in dread and fascination as previously unknown intruders began showing themselves in pursuit of a well-engineered network honeypot.

No wonder cyber attacks are officially now seen as the top business risk, according to a recent update by the World Economic Forum.

This, as Cylance researchers revealed that they had identified a worrying new nation-state advanced persistent threat called White Company.

Adobe patched its Flash, Reader, and Photoshop CC products while Microsoft was requesting companies stop sending confidential penetration-testing reports that are intended for their own organisations.

Firefox took a step towards better notification of security issues with a feature that will tell users when they’ve visited a site that recently suffered a data breach.