The week in security: Fallout from Facebook-Cambridge Analytics scandal continues

The explosive Facebook/Cambridge Analytics scandal was set to claim the scalp of Facebook security head Alex Stamos, who was said to be preparing to leave after disagreements about how the company should handle disinformation investigations and disclosures.

Good security executives are hard to find, as any hiring manager knows. For people with the right skills, the rewards can be impressive. But which are the right skills? A comparative analysis of security certifications revealed the ones that are delivering the industry’s highest salaries.

AMD was moving to recover from its own Spectre/Meltdown-esque issues, with the Ryzenfall vulnerability confirmed and quickly fixed using patches that the company said would have no impact on CPU performance.

Google was bolstering the anti-phishing features of its G-suite tools, working to block CEO impersonation phishing attacks. Microsoft was also spruiking its security credentials, arguing that its Windows Defender is now the best security tool on the Windows 10 platform.

Apple has moved to close a sneaky technical workaround that advertising companies were using to track iPhone users.

And, finally, a surge in cryptocurrency-mining malware highlighted just how quickly and dramatically the cybercrime landscape has changed.