11 Actionable Tips to Protect Online Privacy

  • CSO staff (CSO Online)
  • 07 March, 2018 15:43

Nearly 71% of internet population worldwide used social media in 2017 which is huge by any means. By 2019, it is forecast that there would be 2.77 billion social media users across the globe.

In 2016 alone, global internet retail sales went over 1.9 trillion U.S. dollars. This is poised to touch 4.06 trillion dollar mark by 2020.

The trend is surprising, especially when people are less confident of federal government and social sites in protecting their online privacy. They believe they are less secure online than they were 5 years ago.

In fact, it signifies that people are increasingly putting their personal information online which is leaving them exposed to data theft and cyber crimes.

Several human rights groups, especially in the US are aggressively advocating netizens’ rights. They don’t want users to compromise on their online freedom. Obsolete privacy laws and policies have also been questioned time and again.

Internet corporations and aggregators are expected to deploy next generation technology to create a safe and secure online environment for internet users.With that said, there isn’t a quick outcome in sight. Internet users themselves would have to be vigilant and take measures.

Small things like using VPNs, blocking activity trackers etc. are not difficult to practice. The cost of a data breach is much more than what we benefit from technological offerings.

With over 50% of global population having access to internet presently, one can imagine how much is at stake.

See infographic below to learn more on how we can stay secure and protect our privacy by following certain small tips. What’s more, it doesn’t require us to be technology experts. We simply have to use internet like before, but with a forethought.