6 Must-Have Smart Phone Apps that Will Protect Your Privacy

Much of the world has gone mobile with smartphones and tablets. To a certain extent, the mobile devices have outrun the software to support them.

Up until recently hacks and identity theft had been focused on desktop systems. However, there has been a significant shift toward these mobile devices.

Privacy is of great concern as now these devices are capable of doing so much more than making calls. Roaming workers are using them to run software that is linked to the office or documents are sent via email. All these have now become vulnerable to hackers who use various means of finding a way into a device.

Here are the top 6 must-have apps that can protect your privacy on your smartphone:

Antivirus and Malware Apps

Malware, keyloggers, spyware and viruses have made a significant impact on phones. Luckily software companies have recognized this and have beefed up their efforts to combat this. A good many malware apps come as free, so there is no excuse not to have one of these installed already.

Some of the more well-known packages offer real-time malware blocking, Trojan removal, app installation permission and protection against phishing.

VPN Apps

There are many options for using a VPN app on your smartphone, some come free, and there are a good many paid options. For workers, or anyone who uses public WI-FI hotspots. It is advisable one of the better-paid options be in place.

A VPN can lock down your internet connection and prevent anyone tapping into your phone. They are also resistant to packet sniffers, and your connection is masked so no one can know your physical location.

Telephone Calls

This is an area that not many people think of. They are more concerned with the security of their internet connection. Many businesses use VoIP (voice over internet protocol) as it can cut down on call costs if the employees are in remote regions.

Rather than using the conventional ways of using VoIP (think Skype) there is an alternative. Linphone is one of the best ways to make VoIP calls, and it can also send texts, files and pictures while being secure.

Web Browsers

Many browsers are being released that focus on privacy and security on your phone. Although they do not protect your connection in the same way as a top VPN service provider, they do aim to restrict what information is passed or stored on your phone when your internet session is over. A prime example being the new Firefox Focus browser.

It not only makes sure any information from your session is deleted, but it also brings with it one of the best ad-blockers which prevent all the tracking sites from following your every move.


All the security you can do to protect your connection does not help if your phone is stolen, or eyes are trying to see what you have on there. There are many of these available, yet only certain ones are available on Android. iPhone security measures are pretty secure as standard although there is no harm in checking ways to protect your phone and information further.

One of the best on Android is CM Security which comes from Cheetah Mobile who is one of the better-known names in the Google play store. You can lock the following: mobile data, Bluetooth, specific apps, Android’s settings and the WI-FI, so if your phone is stolen these are not accessible without the correct pin.

Lost or Stolen Phones

One of the best for locating your Android phone is Cerberus, yet it does much more than just show the whereabouts of your phone. It also comes with a variation which is geared more towards businesses where all managed devices can be displayed on a single map.

It offers triple protection for your Android phones and can lock or wipe data, take photos of the thief apart from showing your device location. Cost of the service is very reasonable and is much cheaper than having a stolen phone or finding it has slipped down the back of a sofa or taxi seat.

For businesses, the need for security and privacy is much higher than an individual. If the device contains or has access to sensitive customer details and information the consequences can be staggering. It is all too often in the news that data of this nature has been stolen and been either used for personal gain or has been broadcast on the internet.

All of the above apps can go a long way to securing your device and your data. However as a minimum, any business or individual should consider using a VPN service.

About the Author: Peter McBryde is an Online Security Expert and Tech Enthusiast. He writes for – a site dedicated to better privacy, getting more from your internet connection and enjoying tech.

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