The Cyber Security Marketplace

We have heard about the gaps in the marketplace – we can’t find good cyber security resources. I’ve also heard that students remark that I can’t get a job in cyber, even after doing a degree in this area.

In my own words we have what I regard as a terrible situation. Late last year I was speaking on this topic on CSO Magazine and my own reflections on the gap in the market. Abigail Swabey and I lamented on this situation and we decided that we needed to change this dynamic.

Why should we accept that students can’t get placements in firms. How can we encourage enterprises to provide that valuable work experience to these graduates and students?

The Cyber Security Online Marketplace

Earlier this year we agreed that we wanted to build a Cyber Security Online Marketplace CSOM. As you know CSO is in the business of publishing what is the leading authority on Cyber Security opinions and news.

It is a natural extension that we engage with our audience and also make them aware of the opportunities in the marketplace.

Let me introduce the Cyber Security Online Marketplace or CSOM.

What is CSOM?

This is a place that with a simple click of the button, you can populate your Linkedin profile into CSOM.

Once you are there then the fun starts. There are two different modes: the first is the anonymous one where you are in a Cyber Security job now but want to change to a new industry or company.

In this instance you, then choose to mask your photo and surname. Then as you search through job openings that are being posted you can apply. Conversely, employers will be looking for roles that are not advertised and conducting searches of the database.

Once they find potential matches, through CSOM you can conduct a confidential chat. When a short-list is set, then and the parties agree, then you can move into a normal recruitment process.

Why Students will love CSOM?

Let’s look at CSOM from the view of the student. We can see advertisements from companies for Internships, Cadetships and Scholarships. It costs you nothing to join and you can see what cool offerings are on offer.

This is all about trying to give our young undergraduates some much needed experience in cyber security. Just imagine having access to a few really smart undergraduates and getting them involved in your newest agile project where you want to drive ‘Secure by Design’.

The students will love the experience and be able to work with the standup meeting and also with the more senior staff to learn from them.

Then in the future, when we are looking to fill a vacancy they are just a perfect fit for the organisation. And if you , aren’t hiring then there will be others who are able to hire that bright young person with some great experience under their belt.

It is a classic “win-win-win”.

Why Companies love CSOM

There is a shortage of talent in cyber security and companies are the one’s left holding all the responsibility without having the capability to address all the projects and risks.

CSOM is about creating a ‘on demand’ marketplace for Cyber Security. We are aware that this kind of market is new and doesn’t formally exist outside of a SEEK advertisement.

You will see that CSOM is much more about engaging potential hires and trainees. It is more active than old passive models. And you will find that there are new sources of talent in this market than you currently are able to gather from running your own job fairs.

CSO Industry Engagement

CSO has engaged with a number of the major universities including Deakin, Macquarie and UTS In addition, we have been also working with industry bodies such as ISACA and FINSIA.

These bodies are extremely motivated to help drive professionals into Cyber Security and they understand the strategic importance to Australia’s Digital Future.

We will continue to engage with industry, please contact me if you feel that we have overlooked your organisation and you want to be involved.

The Launch of CSOM

The launch will occur around the end of May and coincide with events such as Aust Cert and ISACA organised professional development sessions.

CSOM can’t succeed without the support of your company and of Cyber Security Professionals. The goal of CSOM is to build a stronger community and that starts with creating new talent and also rewarding those professionals that are already in the industry.

Will you join me?

Click Here to login through LinkedIn and join CSOM