Adobe flags new Flash attack, but patches delayed until later this week

Adobe on Tuesday has released security updates for Acrobat, Reader, and Cold Fusion with a forthcoming patch for a reported zero day exploit against Flash Player.

Adobe has released patches for Acrobat and Reader and Cold Fusion, but an update for a critical flaw in the latest version of Flash Player may not arrive until Thursday May 12.

That could give cause to disable the Flash Player plugin in browsers until the patch is ready, though Adobe said it was not aware of reports that the bug CVE-2016-4117 was being actively exploited.

However, the company also said that it is aware of a report of an exploit for the flaw exists in the wild, crediting security vendor FireEye for reporting the issue.

The bug, which Adobe rates as a critical, affects Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS.

“Successful exploitation could cause a crash and potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system,” said Adobe.

Adobe usually releases its Flash Player updates in line with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, which also arrives today, however Adobe said it is delaying this month’s update for Flash Player until later this week, presumably to come with the patch for the zero-day exploit.

Microsoft also released a patch for a bug in Internet Explorer that is being exploited. The bug, under bulletin MS16-051, is a scripting engine memory corruption vulnerability in the browser that can be exploited via a malicious website.

Adobe has fixed a larger set of bugs have been addressed in security updates for Acrobat and Reader, totalling 92 bugs across the PDF-related products. Most of the vulnerabilities could lead to code execution, Adobe warned, with the bugs spanning use-after-free, heap buffer overflow, and integer overflow.

Adobe rated the bugs as critical since they could potentially allow an attacker to take control of a vulnerable system, but noted it was not aware of an exploits for them.

It also released security hotfixes for ColdFusion versions 10, 11 and the 2016 release. The fixes resolve an input validation issue, a host name verification problem with wild card certificates and an updated version of Apache Commons Collections library to mitigate java deserialization.