Security Watch: HP and FireEye team up for threat detection

HP and FireEye have announced a partnership to make incident response, compromise assessment and threat detection offerings available to HP Enterprise Services’ most strategic clients globally.

HP Enterprise Services will offer security service offerings including a comprehensive suite of security remediation services underpinned by FireEye’s advanced threat detection, intelligence, methodologies and incident response expertise. The companies will develop an industry standard reference architecture providing customers with a blueprint for advanced threat protection services and incident response capabilities.

Global Incident Response from HP and Mandiant will investigate, assess and resolve cyber security events ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions by advanced attack groups that span hundreds of thousands of systems.

Advanced Compromise Assessment from HP and Mandiant will provides HP Enterprise Services strategic customers with compromise assessment as the first step in transforming their IT security program.

These offerings are built around practices established by Mandiant and are based on key learnings from a decade of responding to sophisticated attacks and the world’s highest profile breaches.

Dave DeWalt, FireEye CEO and chairman says “This partnership with HP extends FireEye’s growing influence in cyber security by bringing the expertise of our Mandiant team, the power of our threat intelligence resources, and the capabilities of FireEye as a Service and other offerings to one of the world’s leading providers of IT and security services”.

“HP is committed to addressing the evolving IT needs of customers, and this partnership with FireEye targets a critical priority – protecting our customers’ critical information assets from advanced cyber-attacks, supporting our strategy to be a world-class provider of security services,” said David Fox, general manager, Enterprise Security Services, Enterprise Services, Hewlett Packard, Asia Pacific and Japan.

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