Security Watch: BT Launches Next Generation Cyber Service

BT has launched BT Assure Cyber, a security platform designed to offer complete and comprehensive monitoring, detection and protection against cyber threats targeted at private sector and government organisations. It combines a blend of carefully selected tools developed by BT and its partners.

The new service brings together event data and telemetry from a variety of sources. Vulnerabilities and incidents which would previously have taken days or weeks to investigate and respond to can now be identified and acted on immediately through the use of analytics engines that detect subtle threats within the monitored environment.

At the core of the Assure Cyber architecture is a “super correlation” engine that complements traditional anomaly detection methods with advanced mathematics to pick out anomalies from within human and machine-orientated traffic.

BT Assure Cyber is available globally and is fully scalable to cater for private sector and government organisations with a few hundred endpoints to tens of thousands.