What are webroots top ten predictions for 2015 in web & mobile security?

1. Further dramatic increases in malware volume both web and mobile – In 2014 we saw almost 40% + of all new malware EVER seen. (See for figures)

2. More breaches of well-known organizations via web and maybe even via mobile devices

3. The targeting of new mobile ‘pay’ systems

4. APTs – even more carefully crafted and executed to bypass defences both web and mobile

5. Zero-day exploits the norm and common for web and mobile attacks

6. Increased targeting sophistication (using your stolen data) in particular for spear-phishing – will continue to rise as such an effective hacker tool

7. Prevalence of “ransomware” – been growing since CryptoLocker back in September 13 and many new types some even using the very sophisticated and hard to detect Poweliks malware

8. Targeting of ‘valuable’ information – Financial; IP; Legal; Commercial; Personal email contacts etc.

9. Increased use of stolen data – for Identity theft. A mobile is a treasure trove of valuable data.

10. Potential global regulation mandating protection. Governments are wanting to mandate a whole host of sensible and crazy things including backdoors into encryption which upsets ALL privacy on web and mobile devices.