The week in security: Will a $US5b fine get the privacy message through?

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Facebook copped a massive fine for privacy violations – but will it be enough to force the industry to be more proactive about protecting users’ privacy? Opinions are divided.

Better privacy practices would be a good idea, however, with Microsoft warning over 10,000 users that they were being targeted by nation-state hackers.

Despite claims that 457 visas were edging out Australian workers, the massive undersupply of suitable skills means the visa programs were a net positive in this country, a recent analysis has found.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) has become as important to reducing the incidence of cybersecurity compromise as employee education – but many companies still haven’t implemented it.

A cracked windscreen helped a hacker win a $US10,000 ($A14,250) Tesla security bug prize.

The movement of Google security ‘moonshot’ Chronicle into the cloud giant’s Google Cloud operations will position it as a potentially significant player in information security.

Meanwhile, Microsoft was turning to Mozilla’s Rust as a way of helping developers improve the security profiles of their C, C++ and C# applications.

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