The week in security: How genuine is Facebook about regulation?

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It was federal Budget time again, and there was little of import on the cybersecurity front – except for an indeterminate allocation that highlights the perception of cybersecurity as a strategic national priority.

Antivirus software from Kaspersky Lab was expanding its scope, classifying ‘spouse’ spyware as malware.

There were lessons from the AISA BrisSEC19 conference, and discussions about whether MSSPs are more focused on their next sale than anything else.

Hackers may not all be making as much cash as the figures would lead us to believe, one sceptical expert pointed out.

The UK government, for its part, was sceptical of Facebook’s commitment to its call for more regulation of Internet companies, arguing that if it were really happy for regulation it would stop challenging fines levied under those regulations.

Mentoring offers a way to help close the cybersecurity skills gap, one expert argued.

Firefox’s Mozilla project is looking for a less-intrusive way to request permission to send notifications when visitors log onto their pages.

Meanwhile, Cisco was fixing broken patches for its RV320 and RV325 routers.

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