The week in security: Aussie security startups are more confident to take on the world

Credit: ID 127143967 © Benzoix |

An infected version of the Asus Live Update utility had been downloaded by an estimated 1 million PCs, with the consumer-electronics giant scrambling to release a patch for the software that was hijacked through its own website.

Also on the cybercrime front, hacking group Elfin switched techniques whereby it stopped destroying data and started stealing it instead.

This, amidst warnings that a critical SQL injection flaw in the Magento e-commerce platform could soon be targeted by hackers.

Stronger industry and government support means more Australian security startups are confident to pursue growth on their own terms rather than pursuing the classic strategy of selling out to large companies.

Better broadband may not be hurting either, with private companies benefiting and governments leveraging better overall NBN connectivity to embrace cloud transformation.

Scammers were spoofing phone numbers from the Chinese embassy and managed to steal $40m from Asian victims.

Poor Internet of Things (IoT) security continues to worry many experts, with Cisco providing a reminder why as it fixed loads of IOS bugs and warned that two previous patches were “incomplete”.

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