Week in security: Security means anticipating the unknown unknowns

Humans continue to prove remarkably adept at throwing spanners into the cybersecurity works and any CISO must prepare for the ‘unknown unknowns’ those humans can cause, Telstra’s head of cybersecurity told a packed CSO-Kaspersky Lab event this month.

Good news: information-security specialists in Australia are earning more than anywhere else in the world according to a new survey.

Secure-cloud players are working to protect a healthcare sector that has been set upon by data thieves, and the technology head of one major clinical software provider sees great opportunity for the vendors that can get it right.

Scammers are holding private information to ransom, the US FBI has warned, with threats to leak such information if the people it pertains to don’t pay up.

Digital troublemakers are causing problems in other ways, with the US Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) reportedly hit by ransomware that could have a direct impact on upcoming tournaments.

The persisting problems with data breaches and compromise had some wondering whether it was time for a new approach to API protection.

Yet APIs aren’t the only things needing protection: the discovery of two critical flaws led HP to warn customers to patch their inkjet printers now.

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