The week in security: Too few security defences, too many security offences

Growing concern over the government’s My Health Record (MHR) scheme has thrust the scheme into the public eye – and not for the reasons the government would have probably liked. The Electrical Trades Union (ETU), for example, joined the opposition with a call for urgent ministerial intervention into the scheme due to concerns about security and privacy.

Google’s Chrome browser has also become concerned about security, treating all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ – but there were questions as to whether that approach may have unwanted repercussions.

Attackers were shifting their focus to vulnerable Oracle and SAP systems, seeking to extract confidential and potentially lucrative information from enterprise targets.

Many of those businesses are likely to be sitting ducks, with a Gartner survey suggesting a third of companies have no in-house security experts at all.

That’s hardly going to be helpful in stopping the “petty criminals” that are adopting advanced supply chain attacks to mine cryptocurrency.

Yet even worse than being hit with a supply chain attack, perhaps, is the suggestion that many companies remain “naïve” about their security exposure and aren’t fixing the issues that allow for compromise. Probably best to get onto that one, and quickly.

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