Biggest Cybersecurity Issues in 2018

Last year we saw the largest increase of cyber attacks in history. As a result, we have become mightily aware of the impact hacking has on our daily lives and in our daily affairs. The attacks on our own infrastructure impact our businesses too causing massive disruption and jeopardising our privacy in the process. If the year 2017 is anything to go by, then we can expect an even further increase in the amount of cyber breaches in 2018.

There has been a proliferation of spyware software and ransomware that has only increased as they access to the internet expands to all peoples. In this article, we will cover the major issues facing cyber security in the year 2018 and how you should prepare for them.

What Are The Risks?

The most common issue facing us in the coming year will be malware. Now this is a blanket term that refers to a myriad of software that either uses a virus or worm to seize your computer or steal information. These can be found in the form of bad download links or faulty programs.

They are becoming more sophisticated too. The viruses can look like a link from a trusted source or can appear to be a genuine program that functions as a legitimate user-optimized web application. In either case they are designed to steal information and use you for nefarious purposes. The risk grows as the access to the internet grows. During our collective transformation to The Internet of Things, the frequency and severity of exploitative software will increase steadily in perpetuity. 

Spyware and adware are also serious malware problems that are becoming more prevalent during our technological evolution. These applications function much the same as other malware, but, the intended use is separated by intention. Adware will lock onto your computer and will force you to buy something in order to remove the application.

Spyware will latch onto your computer via seemingly legitimate programs and search your disks for valuable information and abscond with it. These are geared more toward personal invasion or minor theft. However, cybersecurity is under fire at the highest levels of business as well.

The Effect on Business

While malware can affect our machines detrimentally, it is their effect on businesses that should really have us concerned. Like with the Target hack or the now infamous Equifax breach, when a business that is entrusted with millions of individuals’ data is attacked then it can spell disaster for all of us.

Between those attacks more than 140 millions people were exposed online and the damage of that is purely incalculable. It was the result of true hacking attempts like DOS and trojan horses that pervaded the intranet of the companies until the hackers has root access an published what they found online.

Even though these attacks are devastating there are things we can do to protect ourselves from being outright demolished. Having a keen knowledge of cybersecurity should be your first priority and enforcing techniques to secure yourself and your company. Things like keeping your antivirus up-to-date and keeping your passwords protected can alleviate you from over 50% of hacking attempts.

Making sure to always double check links and confirm whenever anyone sends you a link to download. Truly, just being as cautious as you can will help immediately and can mitigate damage whenever a hack is attempted.

Moving Forward

Regardless of your computer expertise, you can adequately protect yourself and others moving forward into 2018. The attacks will improve in veracity and frequency but, do not let that deter you from enjoying the future. This year will see brave innovations in A.I. and graphical technology. Thanks to the work of SpaceX we may even see reusable rockets that can further our ambitions into the final frontier.

Do no let hackers and exploiters ruin your future by educating yourself and, at the very least, becoming a computer journeyman. Large and small cybersecurity companies are at work constantly to protect your data, but, the best thing we can do is show diligence and persistence in our fight against global crime. As long as we stay diligent and focused we can ensure that our privacy remains private and our data remains secure.


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