The Week in Security: Security industry finds strength in numbers as nation-state spectre looms

New cybersecurity challenges mean new opportunities for the security industry, and Australia’s leading integrators joined forces to discuss Australia’s notifiable data breach (NDB) scheme as they weigh up opportunities to deliver data-security services to customers more effectively.

Faced with an escalating climate of government-sponsored cyber attacks, Microsoft rallied the industry.

And, with Australia joining the condemnation of alleged Russian attacks, a new white paper was pushing for clarification of Australia’s offensive cyber capabilities.

Microsoft was firing on the security front in other ways, bringing Edge’s Defender browser protection to Google Chrome even as it extended its push for secure Internet of Things (IoT) hardware.

Concerns about IoT security pushed into a new sphere as the US Food & Drug Administration issued a recall on heart implants so they can get a security-focused firmware update.

Collaboration also proved successful as a group of researchers hijacked a network of hacked sites that was spreading ransomware and banking Trojans.

Even as a lack of security skills was fingered for slowing down Australia’s cybersecurity innovation, industry figures were exploring new ways of engaging with potential cybersecurity players.

One successful effort involved ‘speed dating’ events with cybersecurity students, with potential employers impressed by the number and quality of engaged and interested students coming through the university pipeline.

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