The week in security: Building trust, one security review at a time

For organisations that traffic in sensitive customer data, robust security defences – and a touch of paranoia – are essential. One Australian healthcare data intermediary explained how it went through the process of reviewing its security processes to ensure they continue to meet governance and security requirements.

A major part of this process is to develop a security response capability – and this needs to be more than just a red flag that pops up onscreen. Increasingly serious cybersecurity attacks are demanding increasingly serious response capabilities, according to a former FBI agent-turned-cybersecurity-investigator who says this year’s NotPetya attack drew a response that brought back some not-too-pleasant memories.

Speaking of better security, ProtonMail encrypted email has made its way to desktop systems running Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

The European Union laid out plans to step into Microsoft’s battle with the US government over cloud search warrants.

The fallout against security tools vendor Kaspersky continued, with UK-based Barclays withdrawing its recommendation of the company’s security tools for its customers.

Rather better-recommended has been blockchain, the technology that underlies Bitcoin virtual currency – and a host of new initiatives that will build a new ‘trust economy’ that is set to impact all kinds of industries.

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