The week in security: Data breaches are pushing down victims’ share prices

A growing spate of share-price declines is showing a correlation between data breaches and real financial damage – something that will catch the attention of even the most cynical board members.

That is, if they aren’t already worried by statistics showing Australia is punching well above its weight when it comes to being targeted for email fraud.

No wonder experts are warning, again, about the importance of updating corporate identity infrastructures as they increasingly embrace the cloud.

Google set deadlines for Symantec SSL customers to get new certificates, after the company progressed its plans to remove trust for the company’s certificates in Chrome.

Microsoft plugged a second 0-day vulnerability that was being used to infect targets with FinSpy spyware.

The software giant was also working on changes to Windows 10’s privacy, in the wake of warnings from European privacy watchdogs. Europe was also doubling down on Internet of Things (IoT) security, appointing ENISA as the IoT cybersecurity vehicle for EU member states.

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