The week in security: VPNs face up to trust issues

Governments must be held to higher standards than private enterprises, a former deputy head of the US National Security Agency has said as he backs user behaviour monitoring technology that might have helped his employer catch Edward Snowden before his infamous leaks.

Doing the right thing by users can make organic growth difficult, a New Zealand secure-messaging pioneer admits – while adding that the outcomes are worth it.

Speaking of improving encryption outcomes, VPN provider TunnelBear took a novel approach to resolving the trust issues that many people have with VPN providers.

Security certainly is tough business – particularly when even DNA can be turned into a tool for remotely hacking a computer.

With concerns about Internet of Things (IoT) security growing, the UK has moved to implement guidelines around the security of smart cars.

Major software providers were making their own moves to improve security, with patches for flaws in Windows, Firefox, Flash, and Acrobat leading the updates charge.

Finally, many companies are shifting away from traditional concepts of disaster recovery or business continuity, to focus more on resilience.

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