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Neighbourhood watch was created in the 1980’s and I recall putting a sticker on the front window of my own home. The idea was simple - if we all were on alert to crime then we could then as a community discourage criminals.

This very same analogy was the basis of Steve Glynn – Global Head Information Security ANZ Bank who addressed the topic of Strengthening Digital Trust in the community at FST Media Future of Security Conference.

He noted that there are real concerns how our customers can embrace security, this was highlighted in the ANZ Corporate Sustainability report 2015. You will note that in the top right corner Data Security /Technology as the highest importance. While Fraud and Money Laundering also rank highly.

Source: ANZ Sustainability Review 2015

Do I trust you?

Who do you trust? In the branch days you knew the branch teller and trusted the person that served you. However in the digital world, this paradigm shifts. Taking on the idea that we are stronger as a community, ANZ has been partnering with universities around customer centric design and also with not for profits. Steve talked about the greater role his team has to play; reach across the divide and take responsibility to help our customers and stakeholders.

He explained that: Enhancing safety is a team sport, we don’t need to compete in this space. In fact, building better trust is an imperative in a digital world, thus collaboration is the key. For instance, sharing threat intelligence with other banks and tier 2, which ANZ commented that they are happy to do.

But is this enough?

Steve Glynn talked about the shortage of skilled staff and that his team was working with institutions on assisting in that cause. In the end that while there is a demand for the technology improvement, there is also the human element – why does a person click a particular link? This requires one to examine human behavior and that is about customer experience and design thinking.

Taking an alternative view on how customers interact with your enterprise can provide new insights.

In addition, Steve noted that we all have too many logs and tools, clearly we will need AI machine learning science and this allows us to amplify signals.

Should we setup a Cyber NABO

I’m sure that your kids, have not heard of Neighbourhood Watch, but more likely that NABO is on their radar. NABO is a social community startup that provides services for individual neighbourhoods. In the same vein, this group has an objective to prevent crime.

My view is that we probably need to look at this model and create a Cyber Neighbourhood Community – where we can share threat intelligence and alerts. This could be the only way to win. As Steve said it needs to be a team sport and can’t be won by individual heroics.

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