​Does your Board Understand Cyber Security?

It is a simple question and perhaps not one that has an easy answer. My guess is that it likely to be no, perhaps or they are in learning mode.

As a CIO or CISO you are typically the person on the ‘hook’ for any Cyber issues that occur. I’m sure that is a major source of frustration and it is critical that your Board has a good understanding of the risks along with the required investment.

Digital Agenda brings this to the Foreground

Every organisation has a digital agenda and with every new opportunity, there are new risks. Cyber Security is no different and we should expect that this only increase the focus that this topic will receive by the Board.

It is clear that the risks are broad and need to be considered as part of the Enterprise Change Agenda. As Cyber Security starts to enter the Enterprise Risk Appetite, it becomes even more imperative for the Board to be well informed.

Knowing what questions to ask

When the Board understands what questions to ask, it is actually the ideal scenario. Unfortunately this only comes from experience and seeing the bigger picture of cyber security.

With this in mind, I have designed a Cyber Security for Boards, which is a half day program to take board members along a immersion of concepts in a safe environment with their peers.

Refer to your Manager or Non-Executive Director

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Interested to take a positive step on Cyber Security, then please refer this.


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