Security Watch: A10 and ThreatSTOP announce partnership

A10 Networks hay announced a new partnership with cyber security software developer ThreatSTOP to deliver the A10 Threat Intelligence Service.

The new A10 Threat Intelligence Service augments the application security portfolio of A10’s Thunder ADC and TPS products to protect customer applications and users from cyber threats, including outside-in and inside-out attacks.

The partnership gives A10 a high-quality intelligence feed via ThreatSTOP’s advanced threat monitoring and mitigation platform.

The A10 Threat Intelligence Service combines and enhances reputation data from over three dozen security intelligence sources, including DShield,, and Shadowserver, to enable A10’s Thunder ADC and TPS to instantly recognize and block traffic from known attack sources.

A10’s Threat Intelligence Service continuously charts potential intruders on the Internet so customers can leverage global knowledge to block traffic from malicious Internet locations and offload existing security infrastructures from identifying known bots and attack sources. It also catches security threats that customers’ existing defences may not be designed for, such as spam or phishing sources, or attacks a device simply is not configured for.

The A10 Threat Intelligence Service can block ‘Command and Control’ computers from communicating with your network, mitigate against zero-day attacks and cloak your network from known cybercriminal scans.

A10 Networks’ Threat Intelligence Service will be available available for Thunder ADC and Thunder TPS product lines in Q3 2015.

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