Cloud, MDM on horizon as Australia's SecuraLive races to compete on global security stage

The global market for antivirus solutions is already full of competitors, but the founder of Adelaide company PC Range is confident that a white-branding strategy and the addition of cloud-security capabilities later this year will help his SecuraLive security suite carve out a good portion of the market.

“Our definite intention is to make a dent in the industry,” PC Range CEO Raaj Menon told CSO Australia. “Our intention is to be competitive as a local Australian company with the hope that people would consider that rather than just going to the big guys.”

Menon, whose technology-distribution business PC Range has been in business for 15 years, has pushed into the security market as the latest in a series of ventures that will expand the company's scope and, potentially, open up lucrative new lines of business.

With the industry consolidated around just a few antivirus scanning engines, SecuraLive goes up well against bigger-name competitors with detection rates of up to 97 or 98 percent, Menon said.

Development teams in India and Europe have been working hard to complete and polish the code, with a sales team that includes alumni of security giants Microsoft, Symantec, F-Secure, and BitDefender. Those skills, Menon believes – combined with a “light” footprint that he says keeps the scanner running smoothly and unobtrusively on all kinds of devices – will help the company build SecuraLive into a market contender by next year.

A strong focus on customers in Asia, the US, UK, and Canada has kept the company from building out its local channels until now, Menon says, but as the product set continues to mature – buoyed by a still-in-beta mobile device management (MDM) suite and cloud-based security tools due later this year – he expects big things in 2016 and 2017.

“Given how big the security industry is, I'd say there is a place for everyone,” Menon said. “As long as I can compete, and have a good product that people are happy with, it's a good play. Customer satisfaction is more important than anything else; we don't have shareholders to report to, so the bottom line is to make sure that customers are happy.”

SecuraLive is particularly targeting ISPs, systems resellers and big-box retailers with the option to buy the security product, then release their own branded versions for customers.

Licensees will be able to manage their branding through a dedicated portal and this white-labeling approach will, he believes, help the SecuraLive technology be quickly pushed to all kinds of customers as a form of value-add.

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Customers will be supported through an India-based contact centre and live Web chat support through the Web site.

“We've already fielded quite a lot of enquiries on this,” Menon said. “These days people want to have their own brands and don't want to be selling other people's brands; they'd like to keep that revenue for themselves.”

Like its rivals, SecuraLive's security tools will be striated into a number of different offerings with free antivirus, paid antivirus, paid Internet Security suite and cloud-based Ultimate Security suite options available for both Windows and Mac systems. Companion free and paid versions are also available for Android mobile devices.

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