Security Watch: Akamai adds new web application and DDoS protection

Akamai has introduced two new managed security service offerings to the Kona family of cloud security solutions. Managed Kona Site Defender and Kona DDoS Defender protect websites and web applications from malicious activity, keeping them online and providing high performance, even in the midst of an attack.

These new services are designed to provide customers with 24x7 monitoring and attack support through Akamai’s globally distributed Security Operations Centre (SOC), staffed by more than 100 security experts at five locations worldwide.

Managed Kona Site Defender is an integrated web security service designed to augment an enterprise’s existing Kona Site Defender deployments with Akamai’s 24x7 SOC. It offers emergency incident response with 24x7 monitoring and attack support as well as ongoing management of customers’ security configurations and web application firewall tuning, regular threat update reviews and security drill facilitation.

Kona DDoS Defender is a managed DDoS protection service that combines DDoS mitigation technologies with Akamai’s 24x7 SOC. Kona DDoS Defender provides automated protection for websites and web applications against today’s most common DDoS attacks as well as custom analysis and mitigation of the latest and most sophisticated attacks.

The new services are now available.

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