Security Watch: Trend Micro Joins INTERPOL Botnet Takedown at INTERPOL World 2015

Trend Micro has announced that it is among a group of security and technology leaders executing Operation SIMDA to thwart a massive botnet at INTERPOL World 2015. The event is being held in Singapore from April 14-16.

Operation SIMDA is an initiative to eliminate a massive global botnet said to have infected more than 770,000 computers worldwide. SIMDA was used by cyber criminals to gain remote access to computers enabling the theft of personal information, including banking passwords, as well as install and spread other malicious malware

In addition to Trend Micro and INTERPOL, participants in the takedown included Microsoft and Kaspersky Labs.

INTERPOL World 2015 is a biennial event that showcases innovation, potential and joint achievements among public and private sectors in the security arena. It addresses the rising demand for technology and public/private cooperation to meet global security challenges in the areas of cybersecurity, safe cities, border management and supply chain security.

For more information on INTERPOL World 2015, visit Interpol World 2015

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