Why Webroot Secure anywhere over Symantec, Sophos and Trend Micro?


  • The issue at the core of what Webroot is about is efficacy – how well you can stop, protect and prevent malware from getting onto a PC, Laptop, Server etc.
  • Traditional AV vendors have offered great detection results but really poor efficacy for years.
  • Eventually Brian Dye admitted in the Wall Street Journal that commercial AV missed 55% of malware (so in fact its only 45% effective) http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2014/05/06/symantec_s_vp_for_information_security_brian_dye_says_that_antivirus_is.html

  • He also talked about changing direction.
  • Webroot did this in 2010 as we had realized that traditional AV was broken since 2007.

  • Attached is a recent thought leadership white paper that discusses how different Webroot are.
  • That difference has seen us grow our SMB/SME business 66% YoY and attract over 1,500 MSPs (one of those is Annitel one of the top ten MSPs worldwide)

  • Basically our approach to stopping malware and providing security is both individualized and collective and we use ‘cloud’ computing to deliver always on, continuously monitored, real-time prevention of infections, By stopping attacks at the point of infection there is no vulnerability window which recently led FireEye to state : Our current research shows the amount of dwell time—the amount of time a bad guy spends in your enterprise before somebody notices—is a median of 209 days. And two-thirds of the time, somebody else tells you—usually the FBI. We need to bring that way down.
  • http://www.wsj.com/articles/how-the-sony-data-breach-signals-a-paradigm-shift-in-cybersecurity-1423540851

  • We are the first AV vendor to report in real-time dwell time, and basically also report our efficacy at stopping malware.

On the customer front we have an Ambassador ‘club’ for customers who are our advocates. I’m cc’ing Anna Kim so she can give you details of references in your region.
In the interim here are various testimonials we’ve had printed on various aspects of Webroot SecureAnywhere.

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