Government launches online cyber security training course for lawyers and accountants

Security should be ‘part of the day job' for professionals, says Ed Vaizey

The government has launched an online training course to help lawyers and accountants protect themselves and their clients against cyber attacks.

The free online course, developed with input from the Law Society, ICAEW and the Solicitor's Regulatory Authority, aims to raise awareness of common cyber risks and threats such as phishing and social engineering, and how to prevent them.

The legal and accountancy sectors are frequently targeted by cyber criminals due to the sensitive nature of information they hold and access, such as client lists and private commercial information about forthcoming deals.

"Members of the legal and accountancy professions deal with sensitive client information on a daily basis and can be a target for cyber attacks," said digital economy minister Ed Vaizey, in a prepared speech to legal and accountancy professionals at the Law Society in London today.

"The new course we are launching today makes cyber security part of the day job for lawyers and accountants."

The new course, funded through the government's £860 million National Cyber Security Programme, will also equip professionals with skills to advise clients on how to safeguard digital information, as well as giving examples of how to deal with data breaches.

Law Society deputy vice-president Robert Bourns said: "Cyber crime has the potential to compromise both clients' and solicitors' sensitive data.

"Training to raise awareness and understanding for all involved in practice is an important part of protection.

"That is why we are supporting our members by providing this bespoke training package, developed in partnership with the government and other professional bodies."

More information on the course can be found at the Law Society website.

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