UK's biggest power station deploys advanced cyber defence platform

Critical infrastructure is a key target for cyber attacks, the government has previously said

Drax, the UK's largest power station in North Yorkshire, has deployed a new cyber defence platform against advanced threats.

Drax currently provides enough power to meet 7 to 8 percent of the UK's electricity needs, and is in the process of transforming itself into a predominantly biomass-fuelled generator, through burning sustainable biomass in place of coal.

Amid a changing threat landscape Drax said it was committed to protecting the integrity of its critical systems and information assets. The company said it wanted to further strengthen its defensive capabilities and implement a "sophisticated, intelligence-led approach to give it the ability to outpace potential threats".

Drax has selected the Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform (DCIP), based on Darktrace's Behavioural Cyber Defence technology, which is capable of detecting new and emerging threats within the network in real time.

Powered by new Recursive Bayesian Estimation mathematics, DCIP does not require prior knowledge or rules about threats, and instead uses advanced mathematical modelling to detect "unknown unknown" threats in real time.

"Behavioural Cyber Defence technology adds another level of sophistication to our defence systems, and has already identified threats with the potential to disrupt our networks," said Martin Sloan, head of safety and security at Drax.

"It helps us stay ahead of emerging threats and better defend our key systems."

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